CHOW Bites Back

‘No evidence’ dog walkers causing damage in Chiswick House

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The Police in Chiswick

CHOW (Chiswick House Organised Walkers) was asked to respond to accusations that dog walkers are behind the serious damage being caused to the fencing within Chiswick House Gardens, whilst areas of the grounds undergo renovation.

The group has asked Hounslow Police for further details about their claim, that dog-walkers are involved, since it would appear that to date there is no evidence as to the culprits responsible for the vandalism.

"Dog-walkers have clearly been unfairly singled out by the police." said a spokesperson for CHOW.

"Dog-walkers do constitute the largest body of regular park users, and frequently co-operate with the police, alerting them to problems with vandalism and security issues. More regular police patrols have been requested by Parkwatch (a cross-community group of park users with constituent members) since in recent months the police presence in the gardens has not been as visible as it was in the past."

The grounds of Chiswick House are used not only for recreational purposes but also as a short cut for residents walking or cycling to the High Road to and from Grove Park, Chiswick Station and the Chiswick Community School. All sections of the community are being inconvenienced by the current closures, and there is undoubtedly a high level of frustration with the restrictions in place.

“Inspector Bains at Hounslow Police has been unable to respond to requests for evidence that dog-walkers are behind these apparently organised acts of vandalism. We do not endorse the actions of these irresponsible individuals whoever they are, but take exception to the careless allocation of blame to this segment of the park-using community without any proof. Our goodwill towards the gardens management is undiminished, but we feel that the police should be concentrating on helping with security instead of making unsubstantiated claims."

"CHOW has always worked with the management of Chiswick House Gardens to promote safe and responsible dog-walking within the grounds. It has responsibility for organising the annual dog show and is currently working with the management team on a major project to replace dog waste bins throughout the grounds. CHOW urges all users of Chiswick House Gardens, irrespective of whether they are dog owners and walkers or not, to behave responsibly when using the grounds and to support the management team through this period of transition with patience."


January 28, 2009