Police Issue Counterfeit Note Warning

After series of fake £20 and £50 notes discovered in circulation


The Police in Chiswick

www. HouslowRingMaster.org have issued a warning after a series of counterfeit £20 notes came to the attention of local Police.

"Please be mindful when you are receiving a £20 note that it is not a forgery.

"They are very good and look like the real notes with one exception.

"This is that there is no watermark of the Queens Head on the left hand side of the note in the white strip.

"If you hold it up to the light, a good note will clearly show this and a bad one will be blank.

"There has also been a few £50 notes, these have a variation of faults. Be careful, if in doubt then do not accept."

December 8, 2009