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We have seen a rise in crime in two specific areas of Chiswick since the beginning of the summer holidays. These were burglaries around the Chiswick Lane/ Homefields recreation ground area and thefts from motor vehicles in the roads around Chiswick House. I am really pleased to say, and trying not to tempt fate, that these offences have now almost entirely dropped away.

Inspector Steve Edwards

Inspector Steve Edwards

We targeted the areas with both uniformed and plain clothed patrols. We received assistance from plain clothes officers from our central units. There were also some excellent CCTV images of people we suspected were involved in committing the offences around Chiswick House. From these images, officers from the local team were able to spot the suspects who were subsequently arrested. This led to an instant drop in offences and shows the value of good CCTV and some targeted policing.

Good crime prevention by residents has also helped reduce this type of crime, particularly around Chiswick Lane. It may sound ridiculously obvious, but by keeping windows closed when people are out is a simple, but excellent way, to prevent a burglary.

The theft of high value motor vehicles has seen a decline as well over this period, but we still recommend people get a good, old fashioned, 'crook lock' as this is a very effective way to deter the keyless thefts that are happening across London. Sadly, mopeds are still a target. We have had a few stolen over the past two weeks, often from outside people's houses. If you own a moped, a good heavy lock works wonders and, if possible, parking it off the road and in a secure area is ideal. The thieves are opportunist in nature and will scan areas seeking the chance to steal. A bit of prevention and security will often deter them.

There was significant focus before the summer on the hazards that can be encountered by cyclists on London's roads and we are keen to maintain this, especially when the schools go back. On Thursday 4th September from 4.30pm to 7pm, the Safer Transport team and the local Chiswick officers are running an 'exchanging places' event outside Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace. This is a chance for cyclists to view driving from a lorry driver's perspective and establish what they can, or more importantly, can not see. It is fascinating to see, in spite of bright yellow jackets and lights, how invisible a cyclist can be to an HGV. This is heartily recommended for everyone who uses a bike. There will also be bike marking available, to register and identify your cycle as part of the scheme.

If you have any issues please contact your local ward team to let them know. This can be done through our web site by accessing the safer neighbourhoods page which gives the chance to e mail the team and provides a phone number.

Thank you

Steven Edwards
Inspector - Chiswick, Brentford and Syon NPT
E-Mail Steven.M.Edwards@met.police.uk
Chiswick Police Station, 209 - 211 Chiswick High Road, W4 2DU


August 29, 2014