Difficult Times For Local Pubs

One man's take on why everyone seems to be turning against the nations best loved past time

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These are difficult times for our local pubs, bars and restaurants. Not only has the general messy state of the economy had an effect on the industry, it seems that everyone is turning against the nations best loved past time.

You may notice a number of small holes in the roof of each watering hole; this is not an angry drunk seeking revenge after being ejected for over indulging, nor is this a major pest problem, (if there is a difference between the two!) this is actually the result of prices smashing their way through.

A little heads up for the desk jockey who thinks this is a great way to combat binge drinking. People will not drink less, they will just spend more. This will in-turn plunge us into deeper debt, giving even more reason to hit that bottle hard.

Now even the people that are meant to be working along side us are thrusting that proverbial knife deeper into our backs. It is no secret that Sky Television is a big part of most Public Houses, and they would suffer greatly if this feature was to be taken away. So who’s Dastardly & Mutely style scheming idea was it to raise the monthly charges. In some cases by up to 50%.

It may be a surprise to some people, but our cellars do not contain vast caverns filled with pots of gold guarded by a ‘fee-fi-fo-fum’ beer giant. No, this money has to be earned, and prices growing faster than Jacks bean stalk is making this task unnecessarily difficult.

So you would think that it ends there, we pay our bit and life carries on as jolly as normal. Unfortunately not, certain fitness fanatics are now poking a finger into the wound. Not about alcohol being unhealthy, or the fact that the desire for kebabs after a good session is increasing our waist lines faster than a hundred-metre sprint. It is actually about some of the pubs benches getting in the way of their evening run!

Phil Tottman

October 4, 2010