Turnham Green Terrace Redevelopment

Residents Reaffirm Opposition to Gable House "Eyesore" in advance of key meeting

The latest planning application to renovate and extend Gable House, previously recommended for rejection by the Chiswick Area Committee (Planning), has been sent for consideration to LBH’s Sustainable Development Committee which meets to consider the proposals on 14th July.

Residents in Elliot Road and Windmill Road have opposed no less than four previous applications. This latest application by developers is to add an additional floor on the top of the already “ugly and intrusive” building situated in Turnham Green Terrace, and change its use from business to residential. It is claimed by campaigners that the increase in size will overshadow the surrounding residential houses and area, bring loss of privacy, loss of sunlight in the mornings and increase in parking requirements. The present building can already be seen over the trees from Acton Green and Chiswick Common.

One dedicated campaigner, John White, has written to local councillors for support. He believes that the size of the building as it stands is much taller and completely out of keeping with the surrounding area. He states that the developers are planning on cladding to the west elevation in wooden panelling and questions its use due to that fact that wood deteriorates rapidly and the visual impact of louvre panels being drawn aside where the balconies are will look very ugly.

He goes on to ask “Please think again about the whole question of high buildings in the Chiswick area, and Turnham Green Terrace in particular. The residential and village atmosphere, so dearly nurtured by those who live here, will be eroded if developers persist in spoiling our buildings. We assume that these developers think that by applying time and time again that we will all get exhausted and give up our objections – this is not the case in this instance.

You will have received from the Case Officer two petitions signed by residents in Elliott and Windmill Roads, Thornton and Mayfield Avenues and numerous letters of objection to the proposals.”

Hounslow’s Sustainable Development Committee will meet on 14th July at 7.30pm in Committee rooms 1&2 at the Civic Centre, Lampton Rd, Hounslow.

July 11, 2003

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