After the fraught legal battle over admissions to Grove Park School, Hounslow Council have reaffirmed their admissions policy.

Community primary schools in Hounslow will continue to use Priority Admission Areas as the main criteria for new pupils, following approval by the Committee of the Council at the latest meeting. The policy led to 4 children, who were siblings of pupils already at Grove Park, being unable to gain a place. Instead priority was given to those living in the admissions area around the school.

The criteria for admission to community primary schools in the borough must be decided by April 15 for September the following year, and the decision follows extensive consultation of governing bodies by the LEA.

The LEA is the admissions authority for Community Schools in Hounslow, whilst the governing body of Voluntary Aided Schools like St. Mary's in Chiswick is the admissions authority for that school.

Included within the admissions criteria for the first time in 2002 will be the inclusion of the children of teaching staff as a priority, after those of children living in a Priority Admission Area. In 2003 this criteria will apply to 17 primary schools.

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