The fund set up in the memory of Nigel Piggott has raised £11,330 with over £4,000 coming from a sponsored walk held on the anniversary of his death.

Nigel was a well known figure in Chiswick through his work in the library and was responsible for the development of the video lending section which is a popular feature of the facility.

One Easter weekend Chiswick librarian Nigel Piggott left his home in Isleworth to go to work. He was planning to meet his wife later for a meal with her parents. When he failed to show the last thing that they would have suspected was a heart attack. Nigel was 35 and took regular exercise. He was planning to enter the London Marathon. He had been reading a book at lunch in the pub and collapsed. Despite the prompt arrival of paramedics there was nothing that could be done to save him.


Nigel and Claudine on their wedding day

Coronary heart disease is often associated with the elderly, the unfit or the obese but in some cases it can affect people like Nigel. There was no warning that he suffered from the disease apart from slight indigestion type pains after a heavy meal.

Nigel's wife Claudine is seeking to help the British Heart Foundation fund research into the causes of coronary heart disease. Despite this disease being a major killer the charity receives no government funding. Claudine is very concerned to raise public awareness of the disease.

For more details contact the BHF Regional Office or - tel: 01763 242414. They can provide sponsorship forms and details of how to make a donation. Claudine has asked donors to remember to write "Nigel Piggott Memorial" on the back of the cheque as it will be of comfort to her to know how much money has been raised in his memory.

Send donations by post to 'Nigel Piggott Memorial', British Heart Foundation, 2 Kiln House, Royston, Herts SG8 5AY or telephone: 01763 242414

Visit the British Heart Foundation Web Site

For a heart-health pack, call 0870 9090111. If your family has been affected by CHD, and you would like to take part in a new study, call 0800 052 7154.

Last Year's Walk for the Memorial Fund