Robbing Peter To Park Paul

Why are parking bays wider in some of parts of Chiswick than others?

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Why is it that parking bays getting wider in some of parts of Chiswick and narrower in others?

Answer, because whilst Hounslow Council have bowed to parking pressure and embarked on a course of bay widening, Ealing Council seem to have gone in the opposite direction.

After having their road resurfaced by Ealing Council, residents of one road found that their CPZ parking bays had noticeably shrunk to the extent of a Nissan Micra's wheels sitting on top of the white line.

One home owner told, "We had to fight to be included in the CPZ, we had to protest to get our road resurfaced after enduring pot holes for years and now this! I'm just waiting for a ticket saying my wheels are over the white line but unless I buy a motorbike, there's nothing I can do!"

In direct contrast, the verdict on the new CPZ parking bays in Hounslow's part of W4 is one of joy. "After campaigning for wider bays the council have now painted lovely new ones in our road and in the surrounding roads. It was worth all the effort!"


November 7, 2008