Woman Ticketed During Two Minute Silence

Claims warden issued PCN as she paid her respect to war dead

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Chiswick resident Stephanie Jost said she was 'disgusted' to discover that she had been issued a parking ticket whilst she observed the two minute silence on Monday 11th November.

She claims that she was parked on Turnham Green Terrace showing a valid ticket for an hour. "I returned to the car at the exact time 11.00am and stood in respectful silence for two minutes next to the open boot of the car.

"In the meanwhile I was receiving a ticket, the chap faced the vehicle in front, little to my knowledge He then turned and put a ticket on my windscreen. He clearly saw me by the car."

She continued, "I feel cheated and disgusted at the liberty parking wardens are taking."

A fellow forum contributor commented, "This is jobsworthy in the extreme - what appalling PR for Hounslow. Why wasn't this Parking Officer instructed that he should be observing two minutes respectful silence at this time instead of swooping on people who were?"

Lead Member for Parking Cllr Paul Fisher said, "Having spoken to the parking team who have seen the evidence collected by the parking attendant, there are conflicting accounts of this incident. The vehicle owner is free to challenge the notice, as is anybody who receives one, and any challenge will be viewed sympathetically."

On Thursday 13th November, Cllr Fisher added that, "The allegation made on the forum was not supported by photographic evidence. This appears to have been recognised as the PCN was paid on Wednesday morning. As far as the council is concerned, the matter is now closed."

A spokesman for Hounslow Council told ChiswickW4.com, "Anyone who receives a ticket and wants to challenge a ticket can do so via www.hounslow.gov.uk/parking."

November 13, 2008