'No Money' Meters Are Temporary Measure

New pay and display machines on their way to Healthfield Terrace

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Motorists have been confused by the recent appearance of a number of new parking meters along Heathfield Terrace and surrounding road.

The meters do not accept coins, they can only be used by those who sign up to Ringo - a method of paying for parking using a mobile phone.

ChiswickW4.com queried the new meters with the parking department of Hounslow Council who explained, "The meters in that area were old-style meters, and often broke.

"When they show the Out Of Service message, it's actually illegal to park there. In order to allow the bays to be used, we put the Ringo information across them - previously the meters took both coins and used the cashless parking facility - so that the bays could be reinstated."

"This is a temporary measure as we're in the process of replacing the old-style meters with a new pay and display machines instead. That should be in the next few weeks."

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council added that they were not aware of any plans to withdraw coin-operated machines.

Further information on cashless parking can be found here.


February 6, 2009