Council Nets £11m From Penalty Charge Notices

Surveillance proves big money spinner for parking services

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A Freedom of Information request submitted to Hounslow Council has revealed that almost £11m in revenue was made from Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued over the past two years.

Jeff Stewart asked for information regarding of crime and vandalism detected using CCTV cameras on Chiswick High Road since their installation. He also requested the number of parking offences or infringements, that have been detected by the cameras and the total amount collected in parking fines as a result of these cameras.

In their response Hounslow Council's Parking Services stated, "The CCTV cameras in Chiswick High Road became operational on 01/07/07. From 01/07/07 – 01/07/09 44452 PCNs were issued from these cameras."

The letter continued, "Please note that we do not carry out any split between income generated by via CCTV enforcement and that collected by Civil Enforcement Officers, or carry out any split between income raised by individual cameras and therefore we are unable to advise of the amount of revenue raised by the specific cameras on Chiswick High Road.

"As advised, the CCTV cameras in question became operational on 01/07/07, but income is recorded for financial years (from the 1st of April). The totals raised by PCNs are therefore £5,258,166 for 2007/08 and £5,556,157 for 2008/09. Data for PCNs issued in this financial year is not yet available."


July 24, 2009