Stray BSI Parrot Reunited With Owners

Lost African Grey now safe and well at home in Ealing

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A stray African Grey parrot who found its way into the BSI building on Chiswick High Road has been reunited with his owners thanks to animal lover Paul Baulch.

Paul, a contractor working at BSI on behalf of Indigo Office Designs, told "I was in the canteen on first floor having my tea break when I saw something hit the window. At first I thought it was a pidgeon but then saw the red tail and guessed it was a parrot."

He continued "I went downstairs to a ledge that overlooks the railway lines and spotted the parrot in a tree. I know a bit about birds and saw that he looked tired and hungry so I told one of the guys to go and get some nuts and seeds to see if I could tempt him over."

With the help of colleagues and an evident talent for whistling Paul managed to tempt the seven month old bird over the railways lines and into his care. He took him home and began searching internet lost and found animal sites to see if he could renuite the bird with his owners.

The following day (Saturday 21st April) he was contacted by a distraught father who was able to prove, via a certificate, that he was the owner of the lost bird. He arrived with his tearful daughter at Paul's Cheam home to collect the bird.

The family is complete once more and the young African Grey safe and sound at home in Ealing.

April 27, 2007