Council's Pothole Filling Policy Queried

Grove Park resident asks what constitutes a hole worth filling?

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After being informed by Council workers that they were under instruction to only to fill in potholes marked in white, a resident of Grove Park Gardens asked Hounslow Council to explain.

"As you can see from these photos the holes next to ones marked in white are also deep and need filling now and will get worse rapidly requiring another visit," he said.

"I am sure there is a greater cost in getting people to come and mark up the road and then others to fill the holes. And that’s not to mention the cost and inconvenience of having to block off the road and ensure cars aren’t parked on the holes again."

A Council spokesman told, "We inspect all council owned roads regularly, following national good practice and guidance.

"Defects are recorded, and those that pose a potential hazard are assigned a repair time scale. Those that pose a higher risk - to pedestrians or vehicles - are given higher priority.

"We will repair any potholes that we consider pose an imminent danger but others may be left to be included in future programmed maintenance, which is a much more cost effective approach."

July 27, 2010