Cycle Lane Closure Mystery On A4

Transport for London have put up No Entry signs

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A controversial cycle lane which Transport for London installed near a busy Chiswick roundabout, has been suddenly closed off to cyclists.

The cycle lane was put up over a year ago running parallel to the A4 towards the Hogarth Roundabout and alongside Homefields Recreation Ground, but barriers and No Entry signs have now been put up.

Local people living near the area were worried it could be dangerous at the time it was installed because it means that cyclists have to cross over the lower end of the flyover at the junction of Dorchester Grove and Chiswick Lane.

There is a constant stream of traffic coming down the Chiswick flyover which then branches off either to join the A4 towards Hammersmith, or merges onto Chiswick Lane towards the High Road.

Cyclists coming along the cycle lane beside Homefield Recreation Ground heading towards the flyover, have to halt suddenly to allow vehicles to pass , before crossing over to the next part of the cycle lane which runs parallel to Dorchester Grove and then ends suddenly.

One local commented angrily “ They’ve spent all this taxpayers money on a cycle lane which nobody can now use”.

Councillor John Todd, who lives near the area commented:

'The cycle path is the responsibility of Transport for London. 

Work was halted last year when Borough officers became concerned that TfL had not produced a detailed plan showing how the cycle path would safely cross Dorchester Grove near the Hogarth roundabout. 

Despite a number of site meetings over the past 12 months, attended by senior Borough and TfL officers, TfL have not yet produced a satisfactory plan showing how the scheme will be completed.

The recent installation of permanent barriers suggests that TfL do not intend to complete the route until after the Olympics.'

Councillor Todd said he fully endorsed LBH's concerns regarding the safety of cyclists at the fast flowing Chiswick Lane/A4 intersection.

Transport for London has not responded with a statement on the matter but a spokesman confirmed that they had decided to halt work on the cycle lane until further investigations had been carried out.

June 2, 2012