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Residents in a Bedford Park street have complained that their road has been closed for over ten weeks and that some have had cars "trapped in their driveway" due to delayed works.

The length of time completing the work and the "poor communication" with residents has also been criticised by local councillor John Todd.

One local said "The road has now been closed for over 10 weeks. It is beyond a joke. The couple opposite us, who have their car trapped in the driveway have not been able to get it out for over a month now.

"We also have no access to our driveway, though fortunately our car was not trapped inside. However our guests have no access to it. "

Another local woman said they had to park on another street and it had also been an inconvenience for visitors.

John Todd said; "The delay in finishing this work is regrettable. Linked with poor communication, residents have suffered considerable unnecessary inconvenience."

Hounslow Highways have responded that the project was originally meant to be a two-day scheme of resurfacing but was extended due to 'soft-spot' substrate areas which had to be strengthened before a top layer of aslphalt was put on.

They said that they had to excavate significant depth in some areas, fully reconstruct the base layers and add reinforcement membranes. If soft -spot areas were not dealt with they would subside again.

Hounslow Highways said that they had sent pre-notification and update letters to locals and at the time of discovering the problem had apologised by letter and explained the nature of the delay. The works team are back on site and hope to finish the scheme within days.

June 12, 2015