Residents Act Against Edensor Road 'Deathtrap'

'Horrific' accident prompts local petition on bus safety

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Residents claim waiting E3 buses are illegally dropping off passengers in the wrong place on Edensor Road leading to a 'deathtrap' that has already caused one serious accident. The buses often wait directly opposite each other on the road restricting the view of pedestrians and motorists.

This week local resident Claudia Golden witnessed what she described as an horrific accident at the location. She said, "I was unfortunate enough to witness a 19 year old boy hit by a car, fly in the air and smash into the stationary bus at the bus stop. The car was trying to pass between the bus at the bus stop and a bus that was illegally letting down passengers on the other side of the road."

She says that by stopping illegally opposite the bus stop, the bus causes an obstruction, making a blind corner for those crossing the road and that, as many children use the E3 bus route this makes the last stop in Edensor Road a deathtrap. She adds that the proximity of the swimming pool makes matters worse. She attempted to contact Greenford Bus Station, where the E3 buses are based but was unable to reach anyone.

Another resident said, "I contacted the Council, First, the bus operating company and Tfl, I even wrote to our MP. Unfortunately nobody took any notice and ever since buses have parked on the yellow line to put down passengers - four at one time plus two at the official terminus is the most I have seen. Some drivers put passengers down there even when the proper bus stand is completely empty. Often the buses are left parked illegally for ten minutes or more while the driver takes a break. I'm not at all surprised to hear about the horrific accident that happened earlier this week - it's amazing it hasn't happened before now. I just hope that someone will now do something to prevent it happening again."

Local people say that there can be up to 6 buses waiting at the same time using both sides of the road. The problem has become acute since the regularity of the service has increased and double deckers have been introduced to the route. The terminus was moved to its present site when traffic calming measures were installed around the housing development at Corney Reach. As a result of earlier safety concerns expressed by some local residents, a single yellow line was introduced along the section of the road opposite the bus terminus which restricted parking between 7am and 7pm.

There have been no reports as to the condition of the youth involved in the accident but the police are investigating.

A petition has been started on this matter. The hope is that at least 300 signatures will be gained. The petition is at the off-licence on Edensor Road.

We were unable to get a comment from Transport for London on this issue.

April 6, 2007