Take From the Guzzlers to Give To the Green

Lib Dems propose £2,500 road tax for drivers of 4x4's

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4x4's found themselves back in the firing line this week after plans to introduce a huge hike in road taxes were mooted by the Liberal Democrats.

Taxes of up to £2,500 a year were proposed by Transport spokesman Norman Baker who will outline his plans further at the party’s annual rally. Baker wants to use the money to fund £1,000 handouts to drivers who buy "green" cars.

This latest initiative came the day after their Treasury spokesman proposed an extra 20p on a litre of petrol and claimed that the “Liberal Democrats are the only party with a serious plan to tackle the major challenges our transport system faces."

But the proposals have been met with anger by motoring organizations who called them ‘unworkable’ and would worst hit families and those who need large cars.

September 18, 2008