Emergency Gas Main Repairs This Weekend

Work closes Heathfield Gardens at Sutton Lane North and Barrowgate Road junction

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Following a gas leak, emergency main repairs have become necessary at the junction of Heathfield Gardens with Barrowgate Road.

The works will require the complete closure of Heathfield Gardens at the mini-roundabout junction with Sutton Lane North and Barrowgate Road.

Because the works will affect the operation of the mini-roundabout, temporary traffic lights will be introduced at the junction to control traffic from the A4 turning right into Barrowgate Road (the route for traffic gaining access to the Grove Park area) and to allow traffic in Barrowgate Road to access the one-way northbound section of Sutton Lane North.

The closure will come into operation at 6.00 p.m. on Friday 17 October and will continue in operation until the morning of Monday 20 October.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council said, "If the works are completed earlier than anticipated, the restrictions will be immediately lifted. However, if complications arise, then it may prove necessary to maintain the restrictions in position for an extended period.

October 17, 2008