Turnham Green Traffic and Transport Scheme

Summary of Chiswick Area Committee Planning Decisions

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3. Bus Routes

In approving the above traffic management proposals, the Area Committee noted that while Option 6 (as modified) set out the recommended bus routes around Turnham Green, the final decision as to the routing of individual bus services rests with London Buses.

London Buses are considering all the proposals, as summarised below.

• Route 27

Route 27 would be extended to Chiswick Business Park. London Buses are committed to this extension. This will be funded by s106 contributions from Stanhope, the developer of Chiswick Business Park. The Council and Stanhope are in discussion to ascertain the likely date of receipt of the minimum amount of funding required to effect this extension. This date is tied to Stanhope’s progress in letting their recently completed building 9. This funding would also pay for route E10 to be extended from Ealing via Bollo Lane. Once the 27 is extended the current stand near the Chiswick Post Office will be converted to pay & display parking.

• Route E3

Route E3, running northbound via Sutton Court Road, would turn right instead of left at the Town Hall, and would no longer run via Sutton Lane North. This would provide a faster trip between Grove Park and Turnham Green tube station. Our work has shown that the number of boarding and alighting passengers for the E3 at the Sainsbury stop (eastbound), while similar to route 272, is half the proportion of through passengers compared to route 272. Our detailed timing figures have shown a saving of 3-5 minutes per service, throughout the day, if this route change is made. This has potentially significant cost savings implications for London Buses. The southbound route would be unchanged.

• Route H91

s106 funds from developments along the A4 will fund the conversion of this route to brand new double decker buses. This should take place within a few months and will be accompanied by this route coming out of Wellesley Road and running via Chiswick High Road instead.

• Routes 440 and 391

The proposal is for route 440 to be extended to Power Road. London Buses are not completely committed to extending this route as there is relatively little revenue to be gained, although they have been reminded that Council approval for their current stand on CHR was given on a short-term basis nearly two years ago and will not be granted permanently. London Buses believe that running this service via Wellesley Road would improve the patronage (as it would pick up the H91’s passengers along that street), and they cite the response to their consultation survey last year as evidence that Wellesley Road residents would welcome this change. However, I believe that the Wellesley Road residents would be unhappy with this service as a replacement for the H91, and would prefer route 391 to run via this street instead.


March 5, 2009