Closing the Gate on Criminals

Three Chiswick roads secured after council agrees to gate alleyways

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Homes in Alexandra Road, St Georges Road and Esmond Road will be made more secure after Ealing Council agreed a programme to gate alleyways.

The council pays around £200 for each home secured by installing alley gates, which can 'massively' reduce the risk of burglars breaking into homes unseen and can also help prevent drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

Alexandra Road's gating will cost £6,000, St Georges Road £4,500 and Esmond Road £9,000.

Susan Parsonage, Director of Safer Communities, said, “These gates help to secure vulnerable alleyways and can also act as a deterrent to anyone trying to use the alley for anything criminal.”

In addition to these three locations Chiswick, Ealing Council agreed that extra gating projects could be carried out to address any urgent crime problems as they arise.

June 6, 2009