Chiswick residents are invited to make their views known about a draft strategy for the development of the this stretch of the Thames

  The Thames Strategy - Kew to Chelsea aims to create a 100-year framework to ensure that the River and its environs play a full role in the economic, social and environmental life of London. It is likely that the implementation of this strategy will have a major impact on the lives of people in Chiswick and elsewhere on this stretch of the river. If you are interested and concerned about the development of the Thames complete the on-line form to comment on the draft strategy before 10th October.
strand on the green

This visionary study was conceived by a steering committee representing the West London River Group, the riparian boroughs, Greater London Authority, Government Office for London, English Heritage, Port of London Authority and the Environment Agency. A team of consultants, led by WS Atkins, has worked with the Steering Committee in the creation of the Strategy.

The Thames Strategy - Kew to Chelsea covers the stretch of the river from Kew Bridge to the borough boundary with Westminster, at Chelsea bridge, on the north bank of the Thames and to the Wandsworth/Lambeth boundary, on the south bank. It also includes the areas that have been defined by the local authorities in their Unitary Development Plans as forming part of the Thames Policy Area.  

The Strategy also takes into account any issue which, although falling outside the Thames Policy Area, has an impact on the river, for example, high buildings, important views or transport networks.

The Draft Strategy was formally launched for public consultation on 23 July by Darren Johnson, the London Mayor's Environment Advisor. Your comments are welcomed on all aspects of the Strategy until 10 October.

You are also invited to attend the riverside open forum to be held on 29 September at Pier House, Corney Reach, Chiswick, 10am-4pm.

For further information on the Thames Strategy - Kew to Chelsea, please see the website

To purchase a copy of the Draft Strategy, please send your request with a cheque for £25 (made payable to LB Hammersmith & Fulham) to:

Christine Green,
Policy Group,
Hammersmith Town Hall Extension,
King Street,
W6 9JU.


The Thames Strategy-Kew to Chelsea study area has been 'divided' into eight character reaches, which have been defined on the basis of a detailed character appraisal which has taken into account factors such as visual analysis, built form, landscape, vegetation, the channel edge, river structures, character of the public realm, movement, cultural and historical associations.

The following character reaches cover parts of Chiswick:

1. Kew and Strand-on-the-Green

2. Mortlake, Barnes and Dukes Meadow

3. Chiswick, Hammersmith & Lonsdale Road.

By clicking on the above character reaches, you will find further information, including the key characteristics, key issues and opportunities for each reach plus links to the historical background of each area.


You are invited to comment on the Draft Strategy. In particular, we would be grateful if you could answer the questions on our on-line form.

You can also send comments either by email to:, or post them to:

Kirsty Johnson, Policy Group,
Hammersmith Town Hall Extension,
King Street,
London W6 9JU.


The Thames Strategy-Kew to Chelsea puts forward a wide range of policy proposals for the whole study area, under the following categories:

1. Boundary definitions
2. The River channel
3. Heritage and conservation
4. Views and landmarks
5. Landscape and open space
6. Biodiversity
7. Recreation and tourism
8. Movement
9. Shaping development

Feed back from the local community will help form these plans - please give us your comments