CPZ Controversy Looms For Grove Park

Four petitions lodged for extension by residents in the area


Controversial CPZ In Grove Park Begins

Dismay Over Community 'Divided Over CPZ

Fury Over Grove Park CPZ 'Trojan Horse'

Agenda for Delegated Decision Meeting

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The row over controlled parking in the Grove Park area looks likely to resume. A number of petitions have been lodged with Hounslow Council by residents in nearby areas asking for the current temporary CPZ zone to be extended.

They are claiming that the temporary CPZ zone in Park Road and part of Staveley Road has led to an overspill into their areas.

The Council was to review the controversial temporary CPZ in May but it was delayed because of the arrival of the petitions.

The first meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum since the local elections is due to discuss the matter on Tuesday ( July 8).

Petitions have been received from residents of West Staveley Road (18 households) stating that they believe the current CPZ is" excellent" and they would like it extended to cover them.

A petition has been received from Elmwood Road (covering 29 properties) for a CPZ covering the whole of Elmwood Road. The third petition of 21 signatures is from residents of Chatsworth, Road, who say they are experiencing a noticeable decrease in available resident/visitor parking in the road which they believe is due to their close proximity to the new GP CPZ.

The fourth petition was received from a resident of Eastbourne Road who had obtained 17 signatures from residents of Eastbourne Road, Milnthorpe Road, Chesterfield Road and Chatsworth Road requesting inclusion in the GP CPZ.

It is believed that other streets in Grove Park may also be working on their own CPZ petitions, including Sutton Lane South.

A council report to the CAF states that objections to the CPZ remain and while some residents outside the scheme have requested its removal, the petitions indicate support for the expansion of the scheme. The Council has recommended that the extent of support or removal be gauged through further consultation with residents.

"Officers therefore recommend that residents are consulted to seek their views on the existing CPZ and possible expansion and it is proposed to carry out the consultation in September following the summer holidays."

The controversial temporary CPZ in Grove Park for Park Road and part of Staveley Roadcame into operation last December and operates for two hours in the morning.

The decision to introduce a partial CPZ in Grove Park created division in the area between the local community.

July 5, 2014


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