Wide-ranging CPZ Consultation Sought By Councillors

Traffic and parking problems building up around Grove Park


Controversial CPZ In Grove Park Begins

Dismay Over Community 'Divided Over CPZ

Fury Over Grove Park CPZ 'Trojan Horse'

Agenda for Delegated Decision Meeting

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Councillors in Chiswick have asked LBH to have a wide-ranging consultation on CPZ in the Grove Park and surrounding areas.

Following the temporary CPZ in Park Road and Staveley Road east, which is due for review, four petitions were lodged by residents in surrounding streets, who claimed they now needed a CPZ because of parking problems in their areas.

The issue of controlled parking in Grove Park has been controversial over the last few years.

Cllr Sam Hearn, who was elected as chair of the Chiswick Area Forum ( CAF) at last nights meeting (Cllr John Todd is vice-chairman), said that they have asked Officers at LBH to re-think their proposals to consult just the existing CPZ streets and those that have recently petitioned for a CPZ.

Councillors are unanimously in favour of a wider review taking account of known "issues" such as the construction of the new Brentford Stadium, he said.

"We also asked for some research to be done on the financial and operational performance of the existing CPZ scheme so that any future consultation could be on an informed basis e.g has the average traffic speed increased on Park & Staveley Road since the CPZ was introduced, does the pay and display scheme at the south end of Park Road make any sense now that the whole road is in CPZ?"

Officers are also working on additional parking restrictions on Sutton Court Road (south) and councillors have asked for these plans to be brought forward as matter of urgency. It was pointed out to the meeting that any additional parking restrictions might well in the short term exacerbate the parking problems in Staveley Road (West) and Elmwood Road.

Residents in the Sutton Court Road (south) area have been complaining of traffic congestion and long delays building up on the road in recent months.

It is understood that a consultation would only be able to start in September after the summer holidays.

July 9, 2014


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