Chiswick Street Chosen To Represent Capital in Eco-Competition

Greenend Road residents to participate in British Gas' Green Streets contest

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Residents in Chiswick's Greenend Road have been chosen to represent London in British Gas' Green Streets competition.

Green Streets is a competition in which the ‘greenest street’ – the street which reduces its collective household CO2 emissions the most - will be able to choose a community organization for a green energy makeover worth £50,000.

Sixty four households in eight different cities across the UK were recruited to take part in British Gas’ ‘Greener Streets’ challenge.

Each team of eight households will receive a full energy efficiency audit of their home showing where they are wasting gas and electricity. A British Gas ‘green energy expert’ will work with the households to develop an action plan to help them change their behaviour and reduce their CO2 emissions. Where required, the British Gas ‘green energy expert’ will advise on the installation of a range of energy efficient products which will be provided free of charge.

One participating resident told "We were approached by British Gas as the word "green" is in our street name, all the competing streets are things like Green Lane, Greener Street, Greenend Road etc.

"A letter was written to each house asking if anyone was interested, some people thought it was junk mail and threw the letters away and others contacted British Gas for an appointment. Then for two evenings British Gas representatives came and knocked on each door on the street to try and recruit more houses. Then once they had a pool of houses they chose eight to take part. I understand that they wanted a mix of households, ages etc. So in house it's just my partner and I, in another house it's a family, another house an older couple etc."

We will be following their progress closely.

November 22, 2007