Chiswick school boy creates award winning poster

Anti-knife poster campaign part of Police initiative

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Chiswick school boy, Joe Maher, has won a major competition with his creative writing and design skills.

In a contest, arranged by the Met Police and run at, amongst others, Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, boys were asked to come up with a poster to be placed on 'surrender bins' intended for use borough wide where youths can bring their knives without fear of reprisals.

The knife amnesty is part of Police initiative Operation Sabre, a anti-knife scheme currently being piloted in Kensington & Chelsea.  If proved a success, the initiative could eventually be set up nationwide. 

13 year old Joe's artwork and sharp slogan will be displayed on the large yellow surrender bins which are now in place at numerous locations in North Kensington.  His "Get a life, bin that knife" slogan will be used to promote the entire campaign.

Joe's creativity won him an ipod which was presented to him at an awards ceremony held at Sticky Finger's Kensington Restaurant.



September 22, 2005