'Lost' Chiswick Pissarro Emerges in Berlin

'Cricket Match in Bedford Park' being auctioned by private collector

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A painting of a cricket match in Bedford Park painted by Camille Pissarro in 1897 is being auctioned this week.

The painting was well known to local historians and art lovers but it had been thought it may have been lost. Now has re-emerged and is for sale at a guide price of between 250-350,000 euros.

'Stamford Brook - an affection portrait' by Reginald Coleman and Shirley Seaton says that "the whereabouts of this painting are not known". It turns out that it has been in a private collection in Berlin. Those who came to the Festival lecture about the Pissarros and Bedford Park, a couple of years ago, will need no introduction to it.

If you would like to bid for the painting the auction house can be contacted on the following number - +49 (0)30 885 915 21.

Other local artworks will be on display at the Bedford Park Summer Exhibition (Friday June 5th, 6.30 - 9pm)


May 29, 2008