Make Every Day A Green Day!

Chiswick businesses and community urged to help reduce local carbon footprint

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Green Night’ on Thursday June 19th will bring together businesses and community groups keen to reduce Chiswick's carbon footprint.
Green Night will build on the success of the Festival’s ‘Green Days’ weekend - a two-day fete, funfair and craft fair, where all the waste is cleared for recycling.

“With fuel bills rocketing and much greater awareness of the need to protect the planet, lots of people have been asking what can be done here in Chiswick” said Torin Douglas, co-ordinator of the Bedford Park Festival. “We're bringing them together on Green Night – and we hope the combination of community groups, businesses, councillors and residents means we really can ‘make every day a Green Day’.”

Chiswick residents speaking on Green Night include: David Shreeve, director of the Conservation Foundation and environment adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury; Nicola Guiggioli, of Eco Age, the ‘green’ shop and consultancy, who is launching a campaign to turn Chiswick into an Eco village; and local architect Oliver West, who is exploring the possibility of using solar panels on the roof of St Michael & All Angels’ Parish Hall to heat the church’s water.

There’ll also be representatives of the Bedford Park Society, which has just published a report called 'A Greener Bedford Park', explaining how householders can reduce the carbon footprint of the first garden suburb; the Green Homes Concierge Service, which advises people on sustainable living; and other local groups.

For the past four years, the Bedford Park Festival has recycled all waste on its opening Green Days weekend, earning praise from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. Its new campaign will urge local people to 'make every day a Green Day'.

One of the Festival sponsors is Eco, the new ‘green’ shop and consultancy opened by Colin Firth, his wife Livia and her brother Nicola Giuggioli. On Green Night, Eco is launching its own campaign to make Chiswick the first "eco-village", by banning plastic bags and encouraging local businesses to recycle their waste.

Eco will also have a stand on Green Days weekend (June 7th and 8th 2008), as will Green Homes Concierge Service. Greentomatocars is sponsoring the plants stall and there’s also a chance to win a new ‘green’ Bluemotion car from Volkswagen Chiswick.

May 30, 2008