"I am making a suggestion" says Threesome's writer and director Hal Iggulden

But there are a few in The Tabard Theatre's dark tale about internet dating

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Fancy A Threesome at The Tabard?

Tickets £14/£12(cons) available by phone 08448 472 264 or at www.tabardtheatre.co.uk or on the door – Tabard Theatre, 2 Bath Road, Chiswick, W4 1LW.

19th January to 6th February 2010 @ 7:30 (no performance on Sundays)

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"I am making a suggestion" says Hal Iggulden, the playwright and director of Threesome but there are a few in this dark tale about internet dating.

What drives Bella and Poppy, two wealthy girls wrapped up in their Paris Hilton lifestyles? Money is today’s God and if you have debt, any means to make it quickly can be very appealing - a deal with Tatler, Hello! or Come Dine With Me may happen in the future.

Just press Return on your keyboard and change your life. Instantly. Get what you want without minimum effort, and if it does not happen, do another search. "Things can go terribly wrong" commented Iggulden, indeed Bella and Poppy who can only handle designer bags, are forced to deal with a succession of gruesome events.

The characters’ hidden motives are revealed and what they want to shirk is exposed. Why do young people want to be celebrities? Who is to blame? Hal Iggulden, who also co-wrote the best selling non-fiction book ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’ explains that there are some funny things going on at the moments that are ‘comedy gold’.

It is comedy he writes, the idea of Threesome was conceived in his playground, the Edinburgh Festival. He explains ‘this is my first play and I want to chill and entertain the audience’. Perhaps he shakes off the dreariness of wintry nights but does not leave your heart feeling warmer.

It is well performed with a strong collaborative effort among the cast and the production. Sometimes at the Tabard the audience is left feeling bereft of a proper, well-thought stage, this time the Set Designer and the Stage Manager Sarah Oxley and Roxanne Camberos help Iggulden and the cast deliver their work stylishly.

Gabriella La Rocca

January 25, 2010