"The Uxbridge Road will get trams, Chiswick will get traffic"

Residents in the Ealing Borough area of Chiswick have received consultation forms about the ambitious plans for a new local transport scheme. The consultation is part of the Mayor’s strategy to improve transport in London. Transport for London has been working in partnership with the London Boroughs of Ealing, Hillingdon and Hammersmith & Fulham over a number of years to the scheme. West London Transit (WLT) aims to provide the Uxbridge Road with a new generation of public transport with a high level of service in terms of speed, comfort and reliability.

The forms ask whether people support the principle of the new Transit system and what type of transport it should be – a trolleybus, tram or high quality diesel bus.


A existing tram system operating in Croydon. copyright Mark Jansen

WLT would aim to further improve both reliability and speed of public transport by building on the proposals being developed as part of the London Bus Initiative to run as far as possible in its own lanes and have priority over other traffic.

Phil Cummings, Project Manager for West London Transit says, "Transit is a real opportunity to radically improve transport services in West London. This ‘in principle’ consultation means TfL is asking people to come to our presentations, learn something about the scheme and how it would affect London and then give us their opinions on our proposals." He added that there remained many issues to be resolved and that the consultation was aiming to find the best solution.

There has been a lukewarm reaction from Chiswick residents so far with some urging people to express disapproval through the consultation form. The main concern is the plans in seeking to discourage car use along the Uxbridge Road will simply displace traffic through Chiswick. One person commented on the forum: "The Uxbridge Road will get trams, we will get traffic."

Of particular concern is the impact on local orbital routes i.e those running from north to south. The plans for the Mayor's Congestion Charging scheme acknowledge that even without this scheme traffic on these roads will be increasing. The introduction of the WLT may mean even further increased in traffic in routes such as Acton Lane/Sutton Court Road and the Avenue/Chiswick Lane.

In addition there is increasing concern about east to west routes. Chiswick High Road already has substantial traffic problems but the biggest impact could be on the Bollo Lane - South Parade - Bath Road route. A local resident on the forum has pointed out that these routes will already see increased traffic due to Chiswick Business Park and the White City Retail/Leisure complex. Although money will be available from the developers of the business park for transport improvements it has been pointed out that Chiswick received no help from the Mayor's £200mn bus package suggesting that Ealing and Hounslow Councils did not lobby for this area reckoning that money was already available from other sources.

Although Hounslow residents are not being sent consultation forms they are encouraged to give their views. There is an exhibition on the plans on October 29th in Acton Town Hall and responses can be given on-line.

On-line Consultation Form

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