Good arrest of two drug dealers by Chiswick officers in Brentford tonight

Don't Leave Your Dogs Unattended Outside Shops

That's Sgt Dave Turtle's advice to shoppers


'Don't Give To Beggars' Says Local Bobby

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Sgt Dave Turtle is Beat Manager for the Turnham Green policing ward and has written this blog

The build up to Christmas and New Year celebrations was a busy time for police and here in Chiswick, there was no exception. The recent events in Paris and elsewhere have certainly increased our awareness of potential terrorist attacks. The advice has been Be Alert but Not Alarmed. If you do see anything suspicious please do call 101.

I was contacted by BBC TV London News and was filmed walking down Chiswick High Road talking to dog owners about the dangers of leaving dogs unattended outside shops. We had a case last year of a two year old toddler who was bitten by a dog left unsupervised outside Asda in Hounslow and she required hospital treatment.

There have also been a number of thefts of bags from pubs and cafes over the last few weeks and I would urge residents and visitors to keep their belongings on their person or ask pub staff to store them in a safe place. Leaving any property unattended in busy areas could lead to a crime report and financial loss if a mobile phone or cards are stolen. I am working closely with the all the licensed premises as part of the Chiswick Pub Watch scheme to reduce these types of theft.

We conducted a anti- begging operation before Christmas with 3 beggars arrested and others moved on following numerous complaints from the public. Giving to beggars can exacerbate the situation especially if they are addicted to drugs or are alcoholics as they will use the money collected to obtain drugs or alcohol. A number of shoplifters have also been arrested in this period and many do not live in this area. We strive to ensure that shopping in Chiswick is a happy and safe activity.

I am regularly sending out crime prevention advice on a range of matters through my Twitter account.

January 20, 2016

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