Heathrow Consultation Deadline Is 13 September

Time to say No again and this time it's even more URGENT


CHATR Blast Lack Of Information On New Flight Paths

Heathrow Slammed For 'By-Passing Chiswick'

Local MPs Unite Against Third Runway

Third Runway Would Mean An Extra 700 Planes A Day

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New Heathrow Consultation Deadline 13th September. Time to say No again say CHATR - and this time it’s even more URGENT for Locals.

Heathrow Expansion is NOT a done Deal , however much the Heathrow bosses would have you believe. As yet another dense consultation document is nearing its deadline, Chiswick residents, potentially the most affected from 2,500 NEW flights planned in only 2.5 years’ time, need to keep saying NO.

Plane alarm clock every morning from 5.40 am anyone?

This phase of the consultation includes specific questions about “Early Growth” — the new high decibel early morning flights proposed, turning to land over Chiswick.

It also covers key issues like night flights, impact on local communities and a community compensation fund.   All part of the planning process before final plans are submitted to a planning enquiry next year when Heathrow would obtain permission to build the third runway .

Easy way to respond by 13th September

The grim reality for local residents is buried in hundreds of pages of complex documentation but there is a quick and easy way to have your say and to object to the plans, both from a local and an environmental perspective.

If you live in Chiswick or Bedford Park , click here to find responses for both areas prepared by the Bedford Park Society.

Individual queries can email CHATR@mail.com

You don’t need to answer all the questions– every response counts

The more we respond the better our case. Simply focus on points most critical to Chiswick. Cut and paste them or select/adapt if you prefer and then email your submission to feedback@heathrowconsultation.com. Deadline this coming Friday 13th September.

Heathrow are attempting to smuggle past a proposal with significant noise and environmental impacts for newly affected communities , inconsistent with independent parallel approach airspace design principals 6d e and f. Until implementation for plans to implement the 3rd runway have been fully developed, it is premature to make plans for early growth. This has not been scrutinised by parliament, and its being presented as a fait accompli. It is the most critical problem affecting Chiswick in the immediate future and we all need to respond.

The full details are on Heathrow’s website

Do we really want 700 more planes in the air every day at a Time of Climate Emergency?

On the big picture, there are key environmental and financial questions being raised from several quarters over funding and real sustainability given the scale of the project and inclusion of international flights in the new emissions targets, not to mention the long term disruption.

For more information see www.no3rdrunwaycoalition.co.uk or go to AirportWatch which is a national movement uniting environmental organisations against unsustainable aviation expansion.

Article sponsored by the Bedford Park Society

September 7, 2019

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