Fears That A Mystery Vandal Is Damaging Trees

Someone is stripping the bark off trees at Strand on the Green

 Mystery Vandal Attacking Trees Say Locals

Dying Willow Tree Puzzles Locals


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Residents at Strand on the Green have warned people to be on the alert following a number of incidents where trees have been vandalised.

In one case, a mature tree on the pavement on Thames Road had to be felled by Hounslow Council because it had died following the stripping of tree bark. Removing large chunks of bark from a tree means the sap cannot rise and the tree will die.

The tree stump showing where bark had been removed

At least three more cases of 'bark stripping' have been found on trees in nearby streets including two in Pyrmont Road.

This tree (pictured below) at the end of Geraldine Road where it meets Waldeck Road by the "cul de sac", has been similarly damaged. There are deep vertical cuts and huge strips of bark are missing. It is now cordoned off with two cones and locals fear it may have to be felled.

The local resident's association has asked members of the public to be on the alert and watch out for anyone behaving suspiciously. The matter has been reported to local police.

April 16, 2015

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