Councilors call time on extended opening hours

Objections urged to plans by two local pubs for late opening

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Chiswick Councilors have called for an urgent public debate on the future of Chiswick High Road in light of the recent application by both Tommy Flynns pub on Chiswick High Road and the Bell and Crown pub on Strand on the Green to extend their opening times until 1.30am.

There is likely to be a rush of applications by local public houses for extended hours as the deadline for submission approaches.

Cllr. Peter Thompson commented, “Chiswick High Road is a marvelous asset which we all want to preserve and enhance. Strand on the Green is a beautiful residential area that attracts people because of its peaceful views of the Thames. The last thing we want to do is to end up like Shepherd’s Bush or parts of Hammersmith that are quite unpleasant and rowdy at night.

“My own concern is that approving applications like these would create a dangerous precedent and adversely affect local residents. In addition these application, if granted, would creating a dangerous precedent with other establishments feeling obliged to follow this tend to avoid a potential loss of trade around closing times.”

“The Government has recently overhauled the licensing system. We need to decide as a community whether or not we want extended opening times in Chiswick.”

Cllr. Thompson concluded,“I would welcome people’s observations and comments on this important issue. People can send their opinions to me c/o the Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN.

Ealing Council are currently running a campaign entitled 'Last orders?' urging the borough's licensees to submit their 2003 Licensing Act application forms before it's to late.

Cllr John Delaney, Cabinet Member for Streets and Environment, said "I hope when this postcard hits licence holders door mats they will get the message - no licence, no alcohol served after 24th November."

Any premises that want to change the terms of its current licence, such as extending their hours or holding entertainment, must apply to its local council by 24th November for permission.

If the premises want to keep trading as normal they can apply for a new licence by 6th August for a straight forward conversion. If they apply after that date they face extra checks and filling out more application forms - a process which Ealing Council warn will take longer to complete.

All premises that have not submitted their application by the ultimate deadline of 24th November will not be able to legally serve alcohol under the new law.

Cllr Delaney added: "We urge all licence holders to get forms in sooner than later, especially if they intend to carry on trading as normal. In the long term the licensing act will simplify life for the trade - but not if we have to stop them serving alcohol, because they haven't complied with the law.”

July 26, 2005