Makeover Does Much For McDonald’s Look

But can the burger bar change its reputation?

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This article started life questioning whether a restaurant's refurbishment is enough to change its reputation. However, whilst writing it I discovered a strange phenomenon – the McDonalds gourmet.

No visitor to the High Road could fail to miss McDonalds' funky modern new look with the new frontage blending perfectly with its neighbour M&S. Indeed the burger restaurant is almost unrecognisable aside from the army of rowdy teens loitering around the newly painted doors.

I began by wondering if the undeniably attractive aesthetics were enough to lure new customers inside the much maligned restaurant.

The conversation began with me mentioning that the new layout affords a better look of its clientele which, on more than one occasion, have been perfect pictures of Boden clad families, a business woman with her lap top, well-to-do teens laden with designer shopping bags etc.

“Oh yes their veggie burgers are to die for!” came one response to my musings from the most unlikely source.

“Their Sausage and Egg McMuffins are just delicious, can’t believe you don’t know that,” commented another friend who I always considered more Makoto than McDonalds.

I guess I’m missing something here for, despite multi-million pound advertising campaigns, healthy options menus, Disney treasures and a bright trendy interior, I still am not tempted by McDonalds.

In every town across the country, McDonalds has historically been the place where teenagers hang out. It was 20 years ago and it remains so today. However, I thought today's children were more likely to recognise Jamie Oliver than a Big Mac, which in turn made me wonder who would be hanging around inside in years to come? Who would be sharing one milkshake between a group of twelve thus keeping McDonald’s 'Head of Crowd Control' in a job, one few would envy?

But I have a feeling I’ve got it all wrong because the burger bar appears to have given customers a restaurant to be proud of, one they can old their heads up high and say, “Yes, I eat in McDonalds!”

Emma Brophy


December 26, 2008