Chiswick pub is fined £40,000 for appalling hygiene. Mice and cockroaches were found on the premises

Hounslow Council’s environmental health officers have cracked down on The Packhorse and Talbot pub on 145 Chiswick High Road after finding mice and cockroach infestations and unacceptable standards of cleanliness. On the 30th August, Isleworth Crown Court fined the owners, Scottish and Newcastle an unequalled £40,000 fine.

Some of the other problems included grease dripping from the ventilation canopy on to the cooking equipment and floor. Significant mice droppings were found all around the floor and refrigerator and freezer door handles were encrusted with food and dirt.

The proprietor of the Public House, Scottish and Newcastle pleaded guilty to three offences under the food safety act at Feltham Magistrates Court. The offences were:

  • not ensuring that pests were controlled
  • not keeping the premises clean
  • and failing to maintain the place in good repair and condition.

The case was referred to the Isleworth Crown Court to enable the court to impose an unlimited fine.

Environmental Health Officers Lisa Wallace and Michael Reilly said that: “This place was unbelievably dirty and unhygienic and we are pleased that the proprietors got such a high fine. We hope that this case will set an example and a warning to other businesses that we take food hygiene seriously. Our job is to make sure that people are able to eat out safely and not worry about food poisoning.”

Residents can contact Hounslow’s Food Safety Team to report incidents on 020 8583 5555.

To avoid confusion the pub referred to is not the Old Packhorse on the corner of Acton Lane but the Packhorse and Talbot next to Somerfields.

September 3, 2002

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