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Andreas Georghiou on why his peas and beans should get our pulses racing

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We meet one of Chiswick's food heroes Andreas Georghiou

Eating out in Chiswick


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English Strawberries and Raspberries are now fully outdoor grown and we have several varieties all of which remind you of those days travelling back from the seaside and sneaking off for a spot of pick your own.

Peaches and Nectarines are so sweet it will be impossible to stop the juices pouring over your willing chins. Bulbous cherries are plump and desirous of your attentions our Italian apricots are made for greedy guzzling and our Italian green and red figs are succulent and ripe for wrapping in Parma ham and other delectable combinations.

You may wish to sample something new and swing your attentions to a pair of fabulous Cherantais melons which are on offer but not cheap... We also have stunning Kentish Fraises du Bois which are rather good value per se.

Those of you who like produce with a bit of size will gasp at the enormity of our Sicilin watermelons big melons: BIG taste. Late arrivals on this month's pin-up calendar will include gooseberries, Rene Claude, Mirabelles and beautiful British blackberries and blueberries.


It is the last knockings for English asparagus in what has been a fair season, perhaps you aught to get your pulses racing to English peas, Broad beans, Italian Borlotti and Canellini (Coco Blanc imminent).

Other fair game this month include stunning spring greens and Hispi cabbages which I prefer to spinach they are also better value for money and equally nutritious.

Globe Artichokes and their delicious siblings (that's baby 'chokes) are presently bountiful.

Traditional seasonal greats are excellent quality and value include barbeque vegetables such as Aubergines (and Sicilian pale), courgettes (round yellow and green versions), delicious peppers of all the expected colours and persuasions. We have some luscious Pak Choi just waiting to get steamy.

Higher cost items of exceptional quality include Cauliflower, Broccoli, Parsnip, Swede and Beetroots.


Our men in Sicily and Sardinia have been busy picking and handling their excellent and incredible plum tomatoes, vine tomatoes, cherries, cow's heart, Camone toms and our very favourite Baby San Marzano which are now all very good value.

Baby veg

It's no Secret that some people pass off the same wonderful English baby vegetables sold by us as their very own... Dear dear and it certainly is more than here. Baby beets (and Golden), leeks, turnip, fennel and carrots perfect for a long hot crunchy summer of fine dining.

Andreas Georghiou

June 21, 2007