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Andreas Georghiou on hearty veg, traditional flavours and classic fayre

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We meet one of Chiswick's food heroes Andreas Georghiou

Eating out in Chiswick


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The cold weather has made it a fine time for hearty English vegetables and with us all being conscious of our Carbon Footprints its nice to return to traditional flavoursome classic fayre for which Arrowhead English Spinach, Sprouts, Spring greens, Hispi, Primo, Savoy and January King Cabbages are fine and dandy as are English Leeks,Tenderstemed Purple Broccolli has returned and Calabrese, curly Kayle and large Snowey White Cauliflowers.

Organic Bright Light Chard, Cavollo Nero Bunched Carrots and a variety of Squashes including Onion, Crown Prince, Acorn, Gem and Iron Bar Pumpkin.if your inclination is to get back to your roots Swede, Parsnips, Turnips, Carrots and a variety of beetroots are available as are new Season J.A.S and Salsify.

Big Brittany Globe Artichokes are very good value as are new crop Celeriac, Aubergines(inc Sicilian Pale),peppers(inc Italian)and Courgettes remain great quality but the prices are very unstable.

Oh oh get fungi oh oh get fungi Marvelous Porcini,trompette,Gris and Jaune Chantarelle,Girolles and Pied du mouton and our lovely grade A and B mixes are available from Stock at very good value

Potato Lovers and the cheaper Chippies Choice(ungraded)are doing the Chip and roast with lovers Mashers,Desiree and Marfona doing the Mash.Anya(Pink Fir) English,Maris Peers,Rosvalt,Violette and Ratte are all in stock.

All salad head prices remain good for the moment and the heads are still large,Rocket is still tasty a little large leaf Cyprus rocket is available all the baby salads are fine as is the very popular Herby Mesclun.
Micros are still hot and cold notice is required to ensure delivery.

Figs, Italian Dark Angelino Plums Pomegranites and Greengages English Apples Coxes,Russetts Etc Comice and William Pears are the best Short-term options some sweet Italian Strawberry,Red and White table grapes are available Citrus prices are unstable for the moment with Lemons and Limes being particularly difficult. Good ready to eat mangoes are in stock and its the very tail end for Nectarine And Peaches

Andreas Georghiou and Co also Offer The New Range Of Funkin Frozen Purees,River Cafe Olive Oils,Good Value Saffron Prepped Veg,and a full range of Frozen Catering Size Products

Andreas Georghiou

October 4, 2007