Marking World Heart Day

Emma Brophy talks to the pioneering force behind the country's only private cardiac rehabilitation clinic


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Ivor Craddock (right) with his father Ivor Snr


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Today, Sunday 28th September, marks World Heart Day 2008, a call to action to help people better understand their personal risk for cardiovascular disease, including hypertension (high blood pressure).

Heart health screening and other activities for the public are being planned in over one hundred countries worldwide however, much closer to home is the first and only private cardiac rehabilitation clinic in Britain based in Chiswick's Power Road.

Founded by pioneering personal trainer Ivor Cradock, CP&R have established themselves as the number one specialist consultantancy for cardiac prevention and rehabilitation.

Ivor said, “Many people suffer heart attacks or need major heart surgery but there is little or no aftercare for those who need rehabilitation or who have the desire to change their lifestyle permanently.

“There is a small window of opportunity after an attack or surgery when most patients are incredibly motivated to exercise, to alter their lifestyles, to eat better etc. but there is no help on offer for them.”

A qualified B.A.C.R. registered instructor (level 4) and currently studying for a Master of Science in Cardio Vascular Rehabilitation, Ivor is more than qualified in the prevention and rehabilitation of heart patients but he also has a personal experience from which to learn. “My father had a heart attack and then a quadruple heart bypass. There was no where for him to rehabilitate, no where to help him change his lifestyle.

“Since 2004 cardiologists, doctors and other professionals have been referring patients to me from a variety of cardiac and health backgrounds just like my father who all want and need to increase the quality of their life and confidence.

“It is our philosophy to help them optimise the quality of their life through one2one education, support and motivation. Having this knowledge enables a patient to gain the power to live their life with confidence and will help you minimise the risk of future heart related events and conditions.”

CP&R works hand in hand with the team at StudioG14 assessing each client’s full medical history, their nutrition, results of their biomechanical assessment before creating a five week programme of exercise and nutrition.

“Many of our clients have a massive fear of dying, I aim to build their confidence, give their family support – I know the effects of heart problems have on the other members of the family so I am able to talk to them and let them know ways that they can help also.”

Chiswick resident Alan Galley said, “I was first introduced to after retiring from a senior executive position. My purpose was to regain fitness and confidence after years of sedentary work to enable me to enjoy my life. Ivor took on the challenge with relish and designed me a programme of exercise, which gradually developed and improved my strength, stamina, flexibility and fitness.

He added “The highlight of our success to date as “Team Galley” was our completion of the legendary 190 mile Coast to Coast Walk in 14 days.”

For further details of CP&R please see and contact Ivor on 07801 700 585 or

Emma Brophy


September 27, 2008