Hawkins pounces for Meads

Winning start to season for local football club

Greenland Cup
Old Salesians 1
Old Meadonians 3

It was almost as if there had been no summer break as Old Meadonians moved seamlessly into the new season with a goal within twenty two seconds of their kick-off against the Southern Amateur League champions at Ewell on Saturday. This was the time that it took striker Colin Hawkins to seize the ball forty yards out, turn a sleepy Salesians defence inside out and fire a cross shot into the far corner from twenty five yards. Hawkins continued to tease his markers throughout, ably abetted by co-striker Steve Bowring whose aerial lay-offs and selfless running provide a perfect foil. Hawkins added a second when the hosts failed to clear a corner on thirty minutes.

The second half opened with the visitorsí experimental and otherwise successful defence paying for a rare indiscretion but soon it was business as usual with new-comer Steve Williamson heading firmly in from a corner with fifteen minutes remaining.

The Greenland Cup is an ideal way of clubs easing their way into competition and Meads followed their own tradition by including no fewer than seven new entrants to their squad. No doubt Salesians were doing the same but it is Meadsí coach Paul Rumley who will be the more satisfied after this match. His youngsters all performed well and the six regulars showed no diminution in their enthusiasm with veteran Barry McGuinness giving a superb display at left back before giving way to sixteen year old school-boy Rupert Cope in the second half.

Team: Needham, Salanson, (Hugh Jones), Smith, Williamson, McGuinness, (Cope),
Kearney, Ryan, Blanc, Pointon, Hawkins, Bowring, (Quinn).

If you feel you would like to be a member of this progressive and friendly club why not get in touch with chairman David Tyler on OMFCSlipper@aol.com or visit their website www.omfc.co.uk

August 28, 2003

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