Fay Machler's Top Twenty keeps Chiswick firmly on the gastro-map

Fish Hook and High Road Brasserie rate amongst top restaurant openings of 2006


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One could be forgiven for wondering if someone in Chiswick has placed restaurants critics on a public relations retainer such is the level of press coverage local establishments are currently receiving.

With the rare exemption, critics have had nothing but glowing reviews for Chiswick's newly opened bistros, brasseries and burger bars even if the odd one is snotty about the 'leafy avenues' that are home to these new kids on the block.

And this week's press was no exception with Fay Machler, the Evening Standard's acclaimed restaurant critic, providing her guide to the top twenty openings of 2006. 

She writes "Undoubtedly the restaurant revolution is rolling on faster than ever.  In the past year I have visited more than 100 destinations and found good food is spreading far and wide - from Brixton to Chiswick and beyond."

She goes on to state that "A definite trend has been the lure of the bistro, the unthreatening place where familiar dishes are served with affection.  People no longer want fanciful froth that costs the earth."

Considering that they have been selected from more than 100 establishments across the capital, it was praise indeed that Michael Nadra's Fish Hook and High Road Brasserie both made it into her top twenty.

She says of Michael "He originally succumbed to the lure of cooking during a university holiday jon while studying engineering.  Most of his dishes come in two sizes at two prices which encourages - and rewards - experimentation."

Of High Road Brasserie she writes "Nick Jones has deemed Chiswick the new frontier.  Locals have voted with their feet for the stylishly designed, open-faced brasserie where chef Duncan Impey sends out tempting dishes from the all-day menu.  Sat-nav delivers the rest of the crowd."

And if that wasn't enough positive pr from one paper, the following page sees Charles Campion urging readers to pay a visit to Andreas Georghiou on Turnham Green Terrace to take a look at his wild mushrooms.

With so many respected critics eagerly placing their feet under local dining tables and enjoying the experience, it is hardly surprising that other restaurateurs are looking for a piece of the action although whether proof of whether they make Machler's list in 2007 will certainly be in the pudding.


Emma Brophy


February 3, 2006