Multi-million pound sales become commonplace

Top end of the market sees much activity during September

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The Land Registry have released the prices of properties which changed hands during September in Chiswick. After last month's quiet patch the market appears to have bounced back with a vengeance with properties selling for close to £2million or over.

Bedford Park was the main area of activity with a house on Woodstock Road changing hands for £2,425,000 and big sales also taking place on Dukes Avenue and Priory Avenue where another house broke the £2,000,000 mark. Two of these properties now rank in the top ten most expensive ever sold in Chiswick. Outside this area there was one million plus sale in Barrowgate Road.

There were also some late sales registered in the month of August including the sale of a house in Mayfield Avenue for £1.1 million by Faron Sutaria.

Full details of property price trends are in our report on the property market to September 2005. This shows a 9.3% increase in prices over the last year which has brought the average price to an all-time high. The report shows how it is the top end of the market which is driving the average with other sectors relatively depressed.

The figures below are from the Land Registry for homes that changed hands during September 2005. There may be further sales to be added to this list as information comes through.

If you are a member of the site who has recently moved into one of these properties and do not wish to have the details displayed here just let us know and we will remove them.

Date Address
30-Sep-05 29, Woodstock Road W4 1DS
30-Sep-05 Grandfield Court, 5, Park Road W4 3EP
30-Sep-05 24, Crofton Avenue W4 3EW
30-Sep-05 6, Fairlawn Grove W4 5EH
30-Sep-05 97, Wilkinson Way W4 5XF
29-Sep-05 27, Brookfield Road W4 1DE
29-Sep-05 7, Bonheur Road W4 1DH
29-Sep-05 9, Flat Upper, Gainsborough Road W4 1NJ
29-Sep-05 8, Milnthorpe Road W4 3DX
29-Sep-05 4, Wolseley Gardens W4 3LP
29-Sep-05 19, Kingswood Terrace W4 5BN
29-Sep-05 65, South Parade W4 5LG
28-Sep-05 57, Blandford Road W4 1EA
28-Sep-05 64, Bollo Lane W4 5LT
27-Sep-05 50, Grosvenor Road W4 4EG
26-Sep-05 37, Brookfield Road W4 1DE
26-Sep-05 Garrick House, Flat 11, Devonshire Road W4 2AL
26-Sep-05 22, Balfern Grove W4 2JX
26-Sep-05 36, Crofton Avenue W4 3EW
26-Sep-05 39, St Marys Grove W4 3LN
26-Sep-05 29, Wolseley Gardens W4 3LZ
23-Sep-05 62, Speldhurst Road W4 1BZ
23-Sep-05 St Catherines Court, 36, Bedford Road W4 1UH
23-Sep-05 16, Reckitt Road W4 2BT
23-Sep-05 103, Staveley Gardens W4 2SE
23-Sep-05 Garth Court, 11, Ellesmere Road W4 4QL
23-Sep-05 12, Steele Road W4 5AF
23-Sep-05 9, Clovelly Road W4 5DU
23-Sep-05 44 66 Dewsbury Court, Flat 51, Chiswick Road W4 5RA
22-Sep-05 112, Ramillies Road W4 1JA
21-Sep-05 6, Lattimer Place W4 2UA
21-Sep-05 37, Arlington Gardens W4 4EZ
21-Sep-05 27, Somerset Road W4 5DW
19-Sep-05 22, Park Road W4 3HH
19-Sep-05 72, Waldeck Road W4 3NU
17-Sep-05 6, Lonsdale Road W4 1ND
16-Sep-05 48, Woodstock Road W4 1UF
16-Sep-05 36a, Devonshire Road W4 2HD
16-Sep-05 61, Flat 4, Chiswick High Road W4 2LT
16-Sep-05 68, Edensor Gardens W4 2RB
16-Sep-05 2, First Floor Flat, Oxford Gardens W4 3BW
16-Sep-05 Sutton Court Mansions, Flat 7a, Grove Park Terrace W4 3JH
16-Sep-05 99, Barrowgate Road W4 4QS
16-Sep-05 46, First And Second Floor Flat, Bridgman Road W4 5BD
16-Sep-05 25, Kingscote Road W4 5LJ
16-Sep-05 16, Montgomery Road W4 5LZ
15-Sep-05 54, St Thomas Road W4 3LD
11, Barrowgate Road
W4 4QX
14-Sep-05 35, Priory Avenue W4 1TZ
14-Sep-05 Arlington Park Mansions, Flat 8a, Sutton Lane North W4 4HE
13-Sep-05 74, Airedale Avenue W4 2NN
09-Sep-05 86, Fielding Road W4 1DB
09-Sep-05 17, Shirley Road W4 1DD
09-Sep-05 12, Staveley Road W4 3ES
09-Sep-05 300, Flat 4, Acton Lane W4 5DJ
09-Sep-05 23, Carlton Road W4 5DY
08-Sep-05 28, Fairlawn Avenue W4 5EF
07-Sep-05 60, Blandford Road W4 1EA
07-Sep-05 Burlington Court, Flat 12, Spencer Road W4 3SY
06-Sep-05 28, Eastbury Grove W4 2JZ
06-Sep-05 223, Chiswick Village W4 3DF
05-Sep-05 50, Whellock Road W4 1DZ
05-Sep-05 Grandfield Court, 2, Park Road W4 3EP
02-Sep-05 15, Speldhurst Road W4 1BX
02-Sep-05 27, Esmond Gardens W4 1JT
02-Sep-05 34, Prebend Gardens W4 1TW
02-Sep-05 39, Dukes Avenue W4 2AA
02-Sep-05 5, Reckitt Road W4 2BT
02-Sep-05 51, Airedale Avenue W4 2NW
02-Sep-05 16, Millers Court W4 2PF
02-Sep-05 17 St Andrews Court, Flat 11, Bolton Road W4 3TE
02-Sep-05 4a, Oxford Road North W4 4DN
02-Sep-05 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 2, Evershed Walk W4 5BW
02-Sep-05 37a, Clovelly Road W4 5DU
02-Sep-05 15, Ravenscroft Road W4 5EQ
02-Sep-05 74, Silver Crescent W4 5SE

Source: Land Registry

May 6, 2008