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Strong start for fourth quarter with an average over £650,000

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With many expecting the third quarter of 2007 to have marked the peak of the property market, the latest figures from the Land Registry may come as something of a surprise.

Having dipped below £600,000 in September there was a renewed resurgence in October with property prices rising on average to £658,131.

There were eight properties in the million plus bracket including two that changed hands for over £2 million.

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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Date  Address
31-Oct-07 7, Bedford Road W4 1JD
31-Oct-07 13, Lonsdale Road W4 1ND
31-Oct-07 7, Crofton Avenue W4 3EW
31-Oct-07 13, First Floor Flat, Beaumont Road W4 5AL
31-Oct-07 61a, Bollo Lane W4 5LU
30-Oct-07 21, Flat B, Annandale Road W4 2HE
30-Oct-07 136, Park Road W4 3HP
30-Oct-07 24, Alfred Close W4 5UW
29-Oct-07 38a, Binns Road W4 2BS
29-Oct-07 117, Duke Road W4 2BX
29-Oct-07 41, Quick Road W4 2BU
29-Oct-07 13, Lattimer Place W4 2UD
29-Oct-07 12, Sharon Road W4 4PD
29-Oct-07 20, Bridgman Road W4 5BD
29-Oct-07 6, Silver Crescent W4 5SE
26-Oct-07 20, Wilton Avenue W4 2HY
26-Oct-07 2, Ashbourne Grove W4 2JH
26-Oct-07 91, Sutton Court W4 3JF
26-Oct-07 10, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE
26-Oct-07 25, Waldeck Road W4 3NL
26-Oct-07 53, Flat 2, Grove Park Road W4 3RU
26-Oct-07 11, Coniston Close W4 3UG
26-Oct-07 Copper Mews, 1, Reynolds Road W4 5AQ
26-Oct-07 23, Seymour Road W4 5ES
26-Oct-07 197, Southfield Road W4 5LB
25-Oct-07 5, Saltcoats Road W4 1AR
25-Oct-07 32, Flat 1, Rusthall Avenue W4 1BP
25-Oct-07 81, Fielding Road W4 1DA
25-Oct-07 5, Seymour Road W4 5ES
24-Oct-07 37, Dale Street W4 2BJ
24-Oct-07 Beaumont Court, 29, Sutton Lane North W4 4LE
24-Oct-07 16, Gladstone Road W4 5SU
23-Oct-07 5, Boston Gardens W4 2QJ
23-Oct-07 254, Chiswick Village W4 3DF
22-Oct-07 3, Huntingdon Gardens W4 3HX
22-Oct-07 57, Sutton Lane South W4 3JR
22-Oct-07 30, Heathfield Gardens W4 4JX
22-Oct-07 30, Church Path, Enfield W4 5BJ
22-Oct-07 34, Kent Road W4 5EZ
19-Oct-07 15, Sutherland Road W4 2QR
19-Oct-07 2, Lattimer Place W4 2UA
19-Oct-07 Whitehall Court, 1, Whitehall Park Road W4 3ND
19-Oct-07 17, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE
19-Oct-07 182, Thames Road W4 3QR
19-Oct-07 20, Gladstone Road W4 5SU
18-Oct-07 53, Rusthall Avenue W4 1BN
18-Oct-07 20, Upham Park Road W4 1PG
18-Oct-07 13b, Grosvenor Road W4 4EQ
17-Oct-07 25, Heathfield Terrace W4 4JE
17-Oct-07 21, Saville Road W4 5HG
17-Oct-07 94, Flat A, Bollo Lane W4 5LX
17-Oct-07 1, Addison Terrace W4 5RF
16-Oct-07 59, Greenend Road W4 1AH
16-Oct-07 32, Sutton Lane South W4 3JT
15-Oct-07 71, Staveley Gardens W4 2SA
15-Oct-07 41, Magnolia Road W4 3QN
15-Oct-07 50, Hartington Road W4 3TX
15-Oct-07 6, Saville Road W4 5HQ
15-Oct-07 10, Evelyn Road W4 5JL
12-Oct-07 Ormsby Lodge, Flat 23, The Avenue W4 1HS
12-Oct-07 39, Esmond Road W4 1JG
12-Oct-07 128a, Chiswick High Road W4 1PU
12-Oct-07 14, Linden Gardens W4 2EQ
12-Oct-07 Maltings Lodge, Flat 6, Corney Reach Way W4 2TT
12-Oct-07 11, Burlington Road W4 4BQ
12-Oct-07 4, Monmouth Close W4 5DQ
11-Oct-07 59, Ellesmere Road W4 3EA
11-Oct-07 9, Burlington Gardens W4 4LT
10-Oct-07 53a, Woodstock Road W4 1ED
10-Oct-07 25, Cleveland Avenue W4 1SN
10-Oct-07 3, Ashbourne Grove W4 2JH
08-Oct-07 21 Homecross House, Flat 36, Fishers Lane W4 1YA
08-Oct-07 103, Staveley Gardens W4 2SE
08-Oct-07 13, St Marys Grove W4 3LL
05-Oct-07 Flanders Mansions, Flat 28, Flanders Road W4 1NE
05-Oct-07 38, Upham Park Road W4 1PG
05-Oct-07 54, Devonshire Road W4 2HB
05-Oct-07 75, Paxton Road W4 2QT
05-Oct-07 1a, Fauconberg Road W4 3JZ
05-Oct-07 19, St Marys Grove W4 3LL
05-Oct-07 18, Riverview Road W4 3QH
05-Oct-07 Hartington Court, 10, Hartington Road W4 3TT
05-Oct-07 48, Wavendon Avenue W4 4NS
05-Oct-07 180, Flat 22, Acton Lane W4 5DL
03-Oct-07 60, Duke Road W4 2DE
03-Oct-07 Chatsworth Lodge, Flat 24, Bourne Place W4 2EE
03-Oct-07 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 11, Evershed Walk W4 5BW
02-Oct-07 66, Blandford Road, Acton W4 1EA
01-Oct-07 7, Marlborough Crescent W4 1HE
01-Oct-07 1, Sutton Court W4 3JG
01-Oct-07 9d, Grove Park Gardens W4 3RY

Property sales in September 2007

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Source: Land Registry

April 15, 2008