Use Your Consumer Power to Vote For a Sustainable Economy

Eco's Nicola Giuggioli believes we have a unique opportunity to invest in economy based on ethically sourced and sustainable products and services

Eco's Nicola Giuggioli

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In these tough financial times, Eco's Nicola Giuggioli has called on all consumers to use their purchasing power to build a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

“Our ability to choose what we buy and who we buy from is a powerful tool - it is a crucial vote." says Nicola who is CEO of Chiswick's green hub.

“We are all instrumental in developing markets, industries and jobs in the UK and around the world. During this recession, we now have a unique opportunity to use our purchasing power to invest in a new economy based on ethically sourced and sustainable products and services.

“Most sustainable products are more durable, they have stronger design and quality ratings, they are chemically-free, from recycled materials - their impact on the environment is minimal. Ethically sourced products promote an equitable and fair economy, paying just and reasonable prices to producers in developing countries.

“Making informed decisions to buy environmentally-friendly products is the best contribution we can all make to building a new economy, built on fair trade and sustainability - both are inseparable.

“We have arrived at this point because we have all invested in an economic model that has been detrimental to the planet and many societies. We have delegated our consumer decision making to big corporations, losing our power to choose products based on their impact on other communities and the planet.

Consumers are being urged to buy products sourced from the many designers and suppliers who are committed to respecting the environment.

“These products have greater value and quality and will last longer, leaving a better carbon and ethical footprint on the planet.

“Saving the planet is also about saving money - there are services available that can help families cut their energy bills at home, switch to renewable energies thereby reduce dependence on fossil energy sources that contribute to climate change.

“Now we have an opportunity to reassess mass consumerism and the value of items we buy. This is an issue that unifies us all no matter our backgrounds."

December 4, 2008