Comings and Goings of 2008

The changing face of Chiswick in the past twelve months

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Headlines proclaim doom and gloom and every other sentence uttered contains the words ‘credit crunch’ but what is the reality for the traders of W4?

Although it seems no time at all since compiling the open and shut cases of 2007, here is what has happened in the world of business in Chiswick in the last 12 months:

Comings: Waitrose, Dada, Lara, Eco (the shop), Eco (the pizzeria), Big Jim’s Trims, El Basha, Roko Health Club, Reef, Chakalaka, Patisserie Valerie, Lara (restaurant & take away), Kitchen and Pantry, Eco Pizza, Makoto, Copper Cow, Canta Napoli, Rice, Gravy (re-opened), The Coffee Station, Blueberry, Chest of Drawers, Setanta (to Chiswick Business Park), Karma, Lemon Grove Gallery, Richer Sounds, Marc Zoranoxski, Searchmate Dating Agency, Chiswick Smile, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (in Hogarth Health Club)

Goings: Woolworths, Geentanjali, J W Beeton’s, Gravy, Shackology, Caffe Delizia, Vino Rosso, Iliada, La Mirage, Brioche, Andy's Kebabs, The Coyote, Zagora, Sirca6, Woodlands, New Heights, Total Petrol Station and Spar Shop.

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January 8, 2009