ISSUE: Turnham Green Tube

Piccadilly Line service during District Line cutbacks at Turnham Green is subject of Parliamentary Question.

STOP campaign keeps up the pressure on London Underground.

Following his visit to Turnham Green station earlier this month for the petition and protest for an all day Piccadilly Line service their, Shadow Transport Minister and Minister for London Bernard Jenkin MP tabled a Parliamentary question to John Prescott, Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

He asked him to take steps to ensure that Piccadilly Line trains stop regularly at Turnham Green during the work that will disrupt services to that station and if he will make a statement.

The lengthy written reply from Keith Hill MP from Prescott's team confirms that,

"In the case of serious service problems on the District Line, local managers and operational staff will have discretion to instruct Piccadilly Line trains to stop temporarily at the station to relieve congestion"

Bernard Jenkin describes the reply as "a victory for common sense " and his parliamentary intervention has been welcomed as putting further pressure on LU to alleviate the worse than usual service to Turnham Green during the current cutbacks.

To see full details of the exchange from Hansard - Click here

Local Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate Tim Mack has enthusiastically welcomed Bernard Jenkin's support in raising Turnham Green in Parliament as putting on more pressure for an improved service.

"I am delighted that Bernard Jenkin has taken a lead in raising the "Piccadilly Line question" in Parliament. In addition to the District line misery, residents and commuters are now very frustrated that Bob Kiley is having problems and delays in taking control of the tube and being allowed to get on with the job".

Other STOP campaign representatives, including Peter Eversden, representing local amenity societies, joined Tim in meetings at LU headquarters. They explained why over 7,000 people have now signed the STOP petition, largely outside the station. Further meetings are now planned.

LUL admitted that the District Line service had not been operating to the required schedules since 1998. Defective track and signal problems had reduced the service considerably and affected the flow of trains in other sections. There are not even adequate information systems to tell LUL staff where all the trains are located.

London Underground management were requested to propose what alternative plans and funds would be required to speed up the completion of these repair and improvement projects.

According to LUL, there are operational problems that prevent them
operating District Line shuttle train services between Richmond and
Hammersmith or Earls Court during the current period of cutbacks. They have been asked what it would cost to make that possible.
It was explained that Turnham Green should be a prime interchange station
for transfers between four District Line routes, three Piccadilly
Line destinations and the E3 bus with its large catchment area, without making additional changes at other stations. Commuters from all over West London are supporting the campaign that acknowledges Turnham Green's status as a key interchange.

London Underground has also been requested to investigate right now if the Piccadilly Line service at Turnham Green could be extended at the beginning and end of each day.

They have agreed also to define the improvements, costs and dependencies
involved in amending the services and infrastructure to stop the Piccadilly Line all day at Turnham Green.

The London Transport Users Committee is investigating the appeal made by amenity societies about these service problems. Transport for London
management have also been updated and petitioned to put the all day Piccadilly Line service at the top of their list of priorities when they take over the Underground and start to raise funds for improvements.

For more information contact: STOP (Stop at Turnham Green On the Piccadilly line) campaigners Tim Mack (8 994 5997) or Peter Eversden (8 747 3281)


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