Stop the Piccadilly Line!

8,000 have already been handed in to Tfl.

The petition reads, "We the undersigned request Transport for London to give priority to the stopping of Piccadilly Line Trains all day at Turnham Green station".

Background to the issue

Member Contributed Articles

Is this the most Dangerous Station on the Tube?
Forty Reasons why the Piccadilly line should stop

The profile of the campaign has been raised considerably with a question being asked in the House of Commons on the issue.

Ann Keen's reasons for not supporting STOP

Response from campaigner on Ann Keen's statement

Will a Turnham Green stop really cost £30mn?

London Underground no longer argue that Turnham Green is a little used station with their own figures showing a usage of 9,600 per day on weekdays making it one of the busiest stations outside Zone 1.

TfL have promised, "A fresh and unbiased review of the needs and costs of stopping Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green" as soon as the Govt. allow them to start running the tube: it was supposed to be in February but has been held up as the Govt. tries to impose the PPP. 

The additional 7,000 workers at Chiswick Business Park will add yet more demand to the inadequate service. Meanwhile, the District Line has been running a sub standard service at Turnham Green since 1998 which got much worse in the spring when they reduced the service for maintenance work. The work is now finished but the service is now even worse than before. 

For a short period they did stop the Piccadilly line when necessary which shows it can be done.

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