Motorcyclist Sustains Severe Bruising and Cracked Ribs

But help from a number of locals leaves him feeling 'very blessed'

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Even though Chiswick resident Paul Lewis sustained severe bruising and some cracked ribs when he was hit by a car, he says he feels 'very blessed'.

Speaking to Paul said, "I was involved in a road accident on Saturday when a car turned into my motorbike sending me flying. I was wearing full leathers but still managed, at 30mph, to sustain severe bruising and some cracked ribs."

The accident happened on Chiswick High Road near the junction with Power Road at 11.15 on Saturday morning.

"The driver went to turn right into a driveway of a building just past the Honda Garage (he told the Police that he was going to buy a car from the Honda Garage so assume he missed the turning and was swinging around to get back to the Honda Garage turn off). As he turned right, he put the indicator on too late during the process of turning."

Paul wanted to share his story in the hope that it would encourage motorists to be more aware of motorbikes on local roads.

But why does he feel blessed?

"I must be the luckiest person on Saturday," he explained. "Three doctors were walking by, the police and ambulance were two minutes away (i.e. just passing as well) and the Honda garage, who know me well because of my bike, all came out to help me and took my bike away so I did not have to stress. A passer by also phoned my wife for me which was very nice of them.

"Not the best experience I have had but some very nice locals all ran to help me so felt very blessed."

July 6, 2010