Now Where Did I Leave The Car?

Novel use of car parking spaces at Sainsbury's

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Picture courtesy of Rob Byrom

Customer Gets More Than They Bargained For - After Mercedes 'sets itself' on fire on Sainsbury's car park


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Motorists could be forgiven for thinking that Sainsbury's car park is jinxed after a second freak accident happened there in less than a month.

On this occasion a blue Volkswagen Polo managed to end up on top of a red Nissan Micra even though the latter was parked in a separate car park.

The incident occurred on Friday 1st May when the driver of the Polo was attempting to reverse out of a parking space in Sainsbury’s car park however, the car’s accelerator seemed to have got stuck.

According to witness reports, the driver stepped hard on the accelerator, which then became unstuck without warning, causing the car to reverse at speed demolishing the low brick wall behind it and mounting the Nissan that was parked on the other side of it.

This was the second incident in the car park in less than a month. The first was when a Mercedes managed to somehow 'set itself' on fire. Firefighters were called to the scene and took more than 30 minutes to get the fire under control.

Thankfully no one was hurt in either incident.


May 7, 2009