Claire Goose talks Chiswick

Local actress on plans for the future and what she loves about W4

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Claire Goose, a Chiswick resident, is one of Britain's most popular actresses. Claire first came to the public's attention in 1997 when she was cast as Staff Nurse Tina Seabrook in Casualty. After playing the popular character for more than three years and having experienced some demanding storylines, Claire decided to leave the show.

She appeared in her first film in 2001, a horror called Alone. In 2003, Claire played the character of Maxine in a one off ITV drama called Gifted, written by Kay Mellor. A story about a date-rape drug given to Maxine's friend by a fictional famous footballer, it was controversial at the time due to its similarity to a news story in the media surrounding Premiership Footballers. Claire was most recently seen on our TV screens in the ever popular BBC drama Waking the Dead, playing Detective Mel Silver, for her fourth but final series, as Claire has decided to leave the show to pursue other projects.

She has done numerous work for charities and is a supporter of Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Foundation. Claire is also a strong believer in fair trade, and travelled to Ethiopia with Oxfam to meet the coffee farmers, and to see how the 30 year low coffee price was disastrous to the farmers and their families.
Born in Edinburgh and raised in Norfolk, Claire tells of her plans for the future and just what it is about Chiswick that she loves....

In your career, you’ve had some high profile roles. What has been your favourite?

Very hard to say what has been my favourite, but I think possibly Tina in Casualty as it was my first huge job. Also I got to play so many different angles with that character: from her being a nurse, to having a series of romantic relationships, to her rape and finally leaving for Australia.

Was it a difficult decision to leave such a popular programme as Waking The Dead?

Its always hard to leave such a wonderful bunch of people behind! That's the hardest part. But having worked on the show for 4 years, I feel I need to stretch my wings, flex my muscles and be scared again - a bit of fear is always a good thing - it keeps you alive, on your toes and reduces complacency.

What plans do you have now?

I'm on the look out for new and interesting projects - something that I will find challenging - I'm happy to keep busy developing my own ideas alongside reading new scripts - I'm not one to sit on my bum waiting for work to come to me - I'm pretty pro-active when it comes to my work. Aside from that, I'm catching up with friends and family, doing a spot of travelling and training for a marathon.

How has your outlook on life changed as you have grown older?

I've become far more comfortable within my own skin. I know what I want out of life and make no apologises for it. You focus far more, and realise who and what are the important things in life and to make more time for those things. Also just to enjoy the most simple things in life and try to spend less time stressing.

What would your perfect day consist of?

A perfect day, would be sunny and warm - not too hot - maybe go off for a run down by the river or near a park, then meet up with friends and have an all day bar-b-q with plenty of good food, good wine and music.

Who is the most famous person you have met and what were you like?

John Cusack - he was GORGEOUS - inside and out!

Do you have a vice, and if so what is it?

I can get a bit short tempered if I haven't had enough sleep - so I either have a nap or make sure I'm on my own or go for a run. It doesn't last long.

You worked with fellow Chiswick residents Ant and Dec on ITV1's SlapBang and you seemed to have a great time. Now you are near neighbours, do you ever pop round for a cup of tea?

Oh god - all the time! No I'm joking. The guys lead very busy lives as do I, I have enough trouble seeing Holly Aird who lives literally around the corner from me. Although I did see them recently at LWT, and we were like 'How weird - we have to come all the way to the south bank to bump into each other!' But I would say that's true of quite a few of my friends who live in Chiswick - I hardly ever bump into them when I'm out shopping in Chiswick.

How long have you been living in Chiswick and what first attracted you to the area?

I've lived here since February 2002, and it was only on recommendation from a few friends who told me to check out the area as I wanted to buy in West London.

Due to your busy lifestyle, have you had time to make your Chiswick flat your home yet?

Absolutely. It always takes time to make any place a home. I'm in the process of buying a new place, but I'm definitely sticking to the area. I just love it here.

What are your favourite things about Chiswick?

I love the shops on Turnham Green Terrace. I really enjoy cooking, so for me I can get great fresh produce from the veggie shop, Macken Brothers butcher and the fishmonger. There are also plenty of Starbucks - which is vital -and some great bars and restaurants like Pug, Fish Hoek, Seven Stars, Cafe Med and Bush Bar and Grill.

Article originally published in the Chiswick Post - republished with kind permission

September 3, 2004