Kate Moss In Ant and Dec Love Triangle?

Supermodel declares her love for one half of Chiswick's most notable pair

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It's a well know joke that people can't tell their Ant from their Dec but that didn't make Kate Moss feel any better when she got it spectacularly, and very publicly, wrong.

According to The Mirror, the supermodel was dining with friends at at J. Sheekey's when one half of Chiswick's favourite TV twosome arrived.

Kate reportedly began chanting, "Dec, Dec, Dec - I love you, Dec!" which was rather unfortunate since it was actually Ant who had taken his wife Lisa out for a romantic meal.

Instead of putting her right Ant ignored the supermodel's declaration of love and escorted his wife to their table.

After realising her error, Kate apparently sent an apology note and the case of mistaken identity was 'laughed off'.

Although, it could have been a supermodel declaring her love for her partner that prompted Dec's girlfriend Georgie Thompson to reveal her plans for marriage and a family.

In an interview with Closer magazine, the Sky Sports said, "Things are going brilliantly with Dec. We don't act like a typical showbiz couple because we have the same attitude towards fame. We'd rather hang out with friends with a takeaway or watch a film than hang out at glitzy dos."

She added, "I come from a happy home, so I want marriage and kids. In fact, I want a football team worth of kids."


September 9, 2009